Quick to learn and easy to master, the Aeropress is a home brewer's dream. Small, light, compact, quick and hardy, it's fantastic for travel, the office, or a two-minute brew on your way out the door in the morning. Cleaner and crisper than a french press but just as quick and easy to prepare, Aeropress coffee is sweet and delicious with loads of body, low acidity and hardly any bitterness. 

Padre's exclusive Aeropress Pack includes everything you need to brew amazing coffee from day one;

The original Aerobie Aeropress
the fantastic reusable Disk:Fine filter from Able, 
and a slim-bodied Hario hand grinder with ceramic burrs.

Check out our sweet little Aeropress brew guide to see for yourself how easy it really is, and for more information, talk to the lovely people at your nearest Padre cafe and try an Aeropress for yourself. You'll love it. 

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